Businesses that use data and research are able to understand their market and their own strengths and weaknesses better, enabling them to take on challenges and stay at the forefront of innovation.

LORIC helps even the playing field for small businesses. Our researchers enable efficient decision-making, by using data to gather relevant information for their clients. Typically, such services are inaccessible to SMEs, but because of the funding received, LORIC is able to offer that support throughout Greater Lincolnshire and beyond.

Experts can help your business to:

  • Access and use data and research to help you make insightful decisions
  • Design new business strategies based on insight
  • Identify gaps in the market through research and insight
  • Create new products and develop new business models
  • Provide evidence to support investment and innovation
  • Become more digital based, preparing you for future digital trends
  • Connecting businesses with data specialists and researchers to help uncover insights
  • Offering a dedicated space to allow businesses to collaborate and innovate
  • Providing knowledge sharing events and seminars free to businesses
  • Developing tailored support unique to each business, taking time to understand individual business needs
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