We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our changing cost structure, so we hope the below is useful for you.

Standard Services

Day Consultancy Rate: £420.00 + VAT
Digitization: 4p per page for colourful documents, 2p per page for black and white, + VAT
Training events and workshops: Please see the Eventbrite listing

How do these prices compare?

The cited rates are standard for a small consultancy. You can compare our prices against those of other consultancies here and here.

Retainer Model

In addition to the standard service rate, LORIC also offers a retainer service, whereby you can benefit from our services at a reduced rate while paying a rate according to the size and status of your company.

Yearly retainer rates

Charities, Micro Enterprises and Small Enterprises: £450 + VAT
Medium Enterprises: £550 + VAT
Large Enterprises: £700 + VAT

What You Get

Guaranteed two days of consultancy, bespoke training to be used as you see fit throughout the year, or data analysis; or two working days worth of digitization, to be used as you see fit throughout the year.
10% off the standard day rate for any additional work.
10% off the digitization rate for subsequent work.
20% discount on paid workshops.
The opportunity to advertise your business at our networking events.

Sponsor A Meeting

LORIC’s networking events are crucial for the development of local enterprise partnerships and knowledge exchange partnerships between academics and business.
By sponsoring a meeting, you are not only contributing to the continuation of those networks, you are helping champion small businesses in Lincolnshire.

Sponsoring a meeting starts at just £60, and you will be able to advertise your own business and services to a select community of entrepreneurs and researchers (as well as anyone on our mailing list).

Get in touch at loric@bishopg.ac.uk to get started.

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